Naperville Motorcycle Personal Injury Lawyer


For some people, riding a motorcycle is one of the best activities in the world. In addition to being an exciting experience of freedom, the motorcycle is a preferred option for being cost-efficient, fuel-efficient, and easy cruising in the crowded and jammed city roads. Illinois is the state with sixth most number of motorcycles registered in United States, clocking in at over 352,000. There are several motorcycle dealers in Naperville. There are also several motorcycle dealers in nearby cities. For example, Fox Valley Cycles is in Aurora and there is a Harley Davidson just down the street on Ogden in Lisle. Bikers zip up and down I-88 on the north end of Naperville all of the time.

The downsides are what every biker knows about but overlooks until the biker is actually in a severe accident. Two tires and less metal between you and every other car, truck, and semi on the road means you are quick enough to dodge almost anything. Almost anything is not everything. It only takes one idiot on the road to make you to lay down your bike. It is the wrecks that are not dodged which cause many bikers to regret. Not a lot of protection leads to big injuries if anything goes wrong. Even if you’re safe 99% of the time, that 1% of the time will come eventually and then it is just a question of how bad. Some bikers are lucky. Some bikers are not.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention studied the injuries the motorcyclists suffered from 2001-2008. The results revealed that 30% of the injuries were suffered on the legs and feet, 22% got hit on neck and head, and the remaining 48% on upper and lower body. The most notable fact is that most of the injuries are on parts of the body which have a high chance in resulting in death or disability. Limping away from a wreck with some road rash and a sprain is pretty good. Some bikers are never able to ride again because someone else screwed up and wasn’t paying attention.


In order to recover after a motor cycle personal injury accident, the first thing that you need to prove is that it is mostly someone else’s fault. For example, in Illinois, it is illegal to lane split. If you are lane splitting traffic moving at 50 mph, you’re going to have a rough time claiming someone else is responsible for your medical bills. You have to follow the law too, and the more you break the law, the harder it is to say the other driver should pay up.  However, you’ve got a great claim if the other driver is busy texting on their cell phone after a long night of drinking before they plow straight into you.

You need to prove damages after that. In all but the most minor cases where you’re able to safely lay your bike down, you’re going to have some sort of injuries. Road rash, whiplash, hurt back, dislocated shoulders and broken bones are all pretty common. Illinois is one of the only states that do not require you to wear a helmet when you ride. That also means your head has nothing in between it and the pavement if you are not wearing a helmet and that usually means big medical bills. That is also known as big damages.




As mentioned before, bikers still have to follow the law in order to have a strong claim. This page is not going to list every single law that needs to be followed, but it will list some of the most frequent causes of accidents.

  1. Speeding – Operated a motor vehicle a speed that was greater than reasonable or proper with regard to the traffic conditions in the use of the way in violation of the provisions of 625 ILCS 5/11-601(a);
  2. Failing to stop – Failed to decrease the speed of said motor vehicle so as to avoid colliding with another’s motor vehicle, contrary to and in violation of the provisions of 625 ILCS 5/11-601(a);
  3. Improper lane usage – Failed to use lanes properly, in violation of the provisions of 625 ILCS 5/11-701 to 711.
  4. Ignoring stop signs, stop lights, or other signs – Disobeying a traffic-control device, in violation of the provisions of 625 ILCS 5/11-305(a).



One common issue with motorcyclists is that they do not carry enough insurance. Their bike is worth less than a car, so that means they should carry less insurance, right? Unfortunately, the opposite is often the truth. A biker who gets wrecked usually has a lot of medical bills. If you do not carry a lot of insurance, then you are relying on the other driver to carry a lot of insurance. If neither of you have a lot of insurance, the other driver is probably not going to be able to pay for your pain and suffering.  Big medical bills, or big damages, are pretty common because bikers do not have as much protection from the road. Having a large under-insured/uninsured insurance policy is like protection from the big damages because it is a second source that can pay if the other side has no insurance or doesn’t have enough insurance. Bikers can’t control other drivers, but they can control whether they carry insurance which covers them and not just their bike.


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