Naperville Expungement Attorney

Having a criminal record can negatively impact your future in numerous ways for years to come. Even if you were never convicted of a criminal charge, the details of your brush with the law will remain a part of your criminal history unless you act. Under Illinois law, you have a right to have certain arrests, court supervisions, and dispositions expunged from your permanent record. At the Law Office of Ken Wang, in Naperville, our attorney can help you navigate the expungement process so that you can get the clean slate you need to protect your future.If you believe you qualify for expungement and would like to begin the process, our firm makes doing so easy and affordable. We will guide you through the process and see to it that your petition is properly filed. You can safeguard your reputation and your future by wiping your record clean. Note: You will not be billed until after your case has been reviewed by an attorney.

Benefits of Expungement

Expunging your record is the most complete way to prevent past legal problems from affecting your future. A successful expungement petition will fully remove an arrest or eligible disposition from your criminal record. Law enforcement agencies and the relevant court system will destroy all of their records pertaining to your case, and you will not be required to disclose your arrest in the future.These days, in depth background checks are a common part of the process for securing employment, housing, scholarships, and professional licenses. Because your arrest will no longer be part of the public record, it will not appear on any background check run on you in the future. You will no longer have to worry about missing out on future opportunities because of something that happened in your past. Anyone can make a mistake. Our attorneys make sure that your mistake does not make you continue to suffer after you have paid your debt to society.

Expungement Eligibility in Naperville, Illinois:

Expungements are generally available when the final outcome of a case is anything other than a conviction. If you are convicted of a crime the record cannot be expunged, but certain convictions can be sealed. Our criminal law attorney can explain whether or not you are eligible for expungement. In general, expungements can be obtained immediately for the following case outcomes:

  • Arrest with No Charges Filed
  • Deferred Prosecution Agreement
  • Stricken with Leave to Reinstate (SOL)
  • Finding of No Probable Cause (FNPC)
  • Acquittal (Finding of Not Guilty)
  • Voluntary Dismissal (Nolle Prosequi)
  • Dismissal

Additionally, you may be able to expunge a case that ended in a disposition of court supervision. Depending on the nature of the crime, there may be a two or five-year waiting period, however. There are a number of crimes that can be successfully expunged in Naperville including certain first-time offense drug and alcohol charges. The terms of the deferred prosecution must be met, however, and you must not have any prior convictions. Juvenile records can also be expunged. If you have questions about your criminal record or any of our other practice areas, please contact us.