Naperville Child Support Attorney

Naperville Child Support Attorney

Going through a divorce is an emotionally charged and often draining experience. It can be hard to stay focused on resolution when so many issues get in the way of a smooth and fair marital dissolution. Despite the seemingly clear laws regarding child support, this can often be a highly contentious issue for individuals in the process of getting a divorce. If you are considering divorcing your spouse and there are children involved, it is essential that you hire a local Naperville child support attorney to defend and pursue your interests in this matter.

Child Support Overview

Both parents of a child are required by law to provide financial support. “Child support” refers to the financial obligations of the noncustodial parent, and the way child support is determined varies from one state to another. In Illinois, the factors that determine how much support may be owed from one parent to another include:

  • The number of children
  • The income of the parent without custody
  • Costs associated with healthcare, if they are paid by the noncustodial parent
  • How much the noncustodial parent pays in child support for his or her other children from previous relationships
  • Any alimony that the noncustodial parent pays to a previous spouse

While the calculations may seem very specific and clear within the legal statues, there can be room for confusion and interpretation when applying these rules to a specific situation. A child support lawyer from the Law Office of Ken Wang can help you ensure your child gets the support they need and deserve.

Collecting Unpaid Child Support in Illinois

If the other parent of your children has failed to pay the support as determined in your divorce settlement, you have several courses of action available.  First, you can pursue automatic wage withholding. When this is in place, the state of Illinois can deduct a certain percentage of the other parent’s earnings before they receive their paycheck and give that money to you directly. Second, you can seek a judgment for the amount of money that the other parents owes (called the “arrears”) from the court. Once you have this judgment, you can pursue collection of the money through a range of options including collecting their assets.

If you are involved in a divorce currently or are dealing with issues related to child support from a previous divorce, contact the Law Office of Ken Wang today to schedule your free consultation with a Naperville child support lawyer. Our team provides the highest level of service to our clients throughout Will, DuPage, and Kendall counties, in Bolingbrook, Plainfield, Naperville, and along the I-55 corridor.